Awakening The Holographic Human:

Nature's Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness

by Lilli Botchis, PhD.

1stWorld Publishing


In Awakening the Holographic Human, Lilli Botchis describes the shift in consciousness she believes is needed to transmute the chaos and challenge of today’s world. With an exquisite integration of ancient wisdom and modern understanding, this book shows readers how to use Nature’s tools—herbs, flower essences, gems, light, color, the stars—to create this shift for themselves, their clients, and the world. Because paradoxically, while the problems we face on a global level are too vast and complex to be solved at the personal level, only the personal transformation of the individual can light the way to solutions on both a global and individual level.

Awakening the Holographic Human offers a vision of what it means to move from the personal to the transpersonal experience of living. Dr. Botchis believes that transpersonal living allows us to view our life from a more objective perspective: “As we grow in the ability to allow and accept, we are no longer bogged down by our personal stories. We no longer fall victim to our beliefs, thoughts, and reactions—are no longer enslaved by them.”

Awakening the Holographic Human is a book for anyone interested in physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing; personal and/or planetary transformation; the development of higher states of consciousness; or actualizing human potential. It may be used equally by the health professional or the individual called to self-discovery, natural healing, and the shift from the personal to the transpersonal self.

About The Author

Elizabeth-Lilli-Botchis,.jpgElizabeth “Lilli” Botchis, PhD, holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services and master’s degrees in Herbology and in Health Education and Counseling. She also holds multiple certifications in natural healing therapies, including polarity therapy, color puncture, flower essence therapy, and Reiki. In 2008, she was inducted into the Sovereign Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, founder of the world’s first hospital.

Lilli is a highly sensitive and inspiring educator in the fields of advanced wellness and awakening of the soul’s potential. A “pragmatic mystic” with more than thirty-five years’ experience as a holistic health practitioner, teacher, and natural-product developer, she has been a guiding light for thousands seeking a natural alchemical path to elevating mind/body consciousness. Her expertise includes the fields of botanicals, gem and color therapies, bio-energy therapies, flower essence therapy, and natural DNA-gene solutions. She is deeply devoted to helping people unlock their innate and spontaneous healing processes.

A native of Massachusetts, Lilli lives in Vero Beach, Florida, where she enjoys the beauty of the natural world and the rejuvenating influences of sun and ocean.