Gretchen Rose presenting Dancing With The Devil - A Memoir

Indigo River Publishing
Wednesday, February 20th at 4 pm

gretchen-rose-presents-dancing-with-the-devil.jpgHaving made one bad choice too many, Meghan finds herself penniless and aimlessly wandering down an alleyway behind a Daytona Beach strip club. A door flies open, spewing trouble out onto the pavement. Meghan thinks it serendipitous, that her luck has changed, when she is hired on the spot. Three weeks later, she waltzes into a Mercedes dealership and drives away in a brand-spanking-new E320 Sport-pays cash. For a time, Meghan lives the high life, but inevitably opioid addiction brings her down. When she is at her lowest, on the streets and having distanced anyone who ever cared about her, she is accepted into Restoration House Ministries, a faith-based rehab facility owned and operated by three women, all former addicts. From the moment Meghan crosses the RHM threshold, her life takes a dramatic 180-degree turn. Meghan soon learns that living in close confines with a passel of hormonal young women is a recipe for hijinks and hilarity, and nothing prepares her for the zany antics of the three fiercely-dedicated but quirky sisters. "Dancing with the Devil" is a fast-paced narrative that alternates between the irreverent, pathetic, existential, and hopeful. It is a wildly entertaining tale and an inspiration for anyone who ever felt stuck in a lifestyle, job, or relationship that seemed impossible to escape.