Ardi Schneider presenting Anatoly Anole
The Boastful Brown Lizard

Saturday, February 16th at 11 am

anatoly-anole-the-boastful-brown-lizard.jpgThis colorful story in rhyme, for both children and adults, will put a smile on your face. You will observe the flamboyant Anatoly flaunting his magnificent dewlap to his female fan club and learn lots of solid facts about these fascinating and abundant little Floridian creatures. When showing off, with his push-ups and head nodding, there is a crisis as he hits his dewlap on a rock. That red and yellow dewlap of his is now black and blue and he is more than depressed about it. His chance encounter with a Monarch butterfly sets him on the right path toward improving his character and not relying on looks for his popularity.